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Future Generation Art Prize invited Yasia Khomenko to create a special project inspired on the idea of Future Generation Art Prize. It brings the most exiting emerging artists from around the world together with one of the most exiting emerging Ukrainian fashion designers.   

Yasia Khomenko proposed a limited edition of multi-coloured sweatshirts using XOMEHKO’s signature technology of compressing upcycled textiles. Her design was inspired by themes in the exhibition and reflects an inclusive future. 


Björn Geldhof, artistic director of the PinchukArtCentre: “Inspired by Khomenko’s ambition, talent and engaging work, we have commissioned a design that would reflect the values we hold dear. Yasia’s proposal reflect both the multicoloured futures artists argue for and the idea of a ribbon, the central symbol of the Future Generation Art Prize brand.”

Yasia Khomenko, artist: “We are proud to produce this drop as a part of the Future Generation Art Prize 2021. We share many aesthetic choices and values explored at current exhibition of the Prize nominees, and we got inspired by the artists' desire for a more inclusive future. We tried to reflect on how the visitors are transported to another dimension in many immersive spatial installations created by the nominees. XOMEHKO's hero_ine exists beyond time and conventions. Both her social representation and identity are deconstructed, so we believe she is the one who could represent the Prize nominees and the exhibition visitor.”

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