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Yasia Khomenko is a Ukrainian interdisciplinary artist and fashion designer. She studied at the Kyiv University of Technology and Design, graduated with a MA in Fashion Design in 2010. Yasia works with textile experiments in an artistic medium of social co-participation, investigating new forms of material and color compositions.

Khomenko is a pioneer of upcycling the Ukrainian fashion scene with her RCR Khomenko brand, creating collections out of the old wardrobe, curtains and tablecloths sourced from surrounding villages and all second hand that matched her ideas from 2011.

In 2019 she launched XOMEHKO (cyrillic spelling of Khomenko), in which her practice continuously functions as a space that questions cultivated "sustainability" through social dialogue and technological experimentation that lies beyond commerce profit. Based on this all objects that are made is a relative concept, and their aesthetics is a result of a spontaneous, creative impulse. 

Since the full scale russian invasion in February 2022 Yasia Khomenko went more into social interaction art practice that combines the cultural and socio-economic questions of the war migration with the criticism of the structure of the fashion industry. The main idea is the development of the NEW PRODUCTION, where volumes are a relative concept and all products are made as a voluntary creative impulse.

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1988 - was born in Kyiv, Ukraine

2010 - graduated Kyiv National University of Technology & Design (MA design)

2023 - summer residency, collaboration project with Nikita Bukoros “the versatile chair cover” and “Dresden: the practice of social interaction” in SKD Museum (Japanisches Palais), Dresden, Germany

2023 - solo exhibition “BERLIN: A:D:vanced practice of social interaction” in A:D:Curatorial (Berlin, Germany)

2022/23 - solo exhibition “Lodz: the practice of social interaction” in the Central Museum of Textiles (Lodz, Poland)

2022 - regeneration of former “Russian science and culture house” (that was given to Ukrainian and Belarusian artists), 

(Gdansk, Poland)

2022 - residency in the Central Museum of Textiles (Lodz, Poland)

2022 - group exhibition “A: 2402 / D: 2022” in A:D:Curatorial (Berlin, Germany)

2022 - participation in MitOst-Festival (Maribor, Slovenia)

2022 - group exhibition “What is depicted here?” in Museum Folkwang (Essen, Germany)

2022 - participation in the “Working room” residency (Asortyment room, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

2022 - emergency residency in Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art (Warsaw, Poland)

2021 - collaboration with Future Generation Art Prize (Pinchuk Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2020 - collaboration with Sasha Kurmaz

2020 - collaboration with House of Europe

2020 - installation for Les Suites (Paris, France)

2019 - founded XOMEHKO project

2013 - exhibition “Kontrabanda” with Hamlet in Zacheta Project Room 

(Warsaw, Poland)

2011 - group exhibition “Journey to the East” in “Arsenal” (Bialystok, Poland)

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